Capacity Advantages of Running Urocoin on a Separate Blockchain to Bitcoin


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but can someone please explain to me these other alt coins, why are they a good form a money… please explain anyone? I can see why Uro would be a good form of money it is backed by a real commodity and perhaps I can see why people would rather a anoncoin and a faster form of  money travel.. but btc is plenty fast and anon for me. 

A single blockchain can’t handle the global volume of transactions. That’s why in the end there will be a bunch of cryptos for commodities, industries, countries, various purposes. I’m not talking about a bunch of altcoins we have now but about the new ones that will be made by people who play the real game.

The observation that the Bitcoin blockchain may have issues handling transaction volume in the future as popularity increases is very valid. The size of each block has a configurable limit that may not be increasable to the desired amount to handle the real world load of all the side chains and protocols that are now being built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

It is known that the current Bitcoin Core release handles 7 tx/s, where as Visa processes 2000 tx/s. From this perspective, there are advantages to Uro being on a separate blockchain to Bitcoin. Uro’s 3 minute block time also allows the Uro blockchain to implicitly handle 200% more transaction volume than the Bitcoin blockchain with its 10 minute block time.

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