The Pains of Convincing the Cryptocurrency Community that Big Business Still Exists Outside the Web in 2014


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Just to add to the conversation, alot of FUD has been thrown around about the look of GES or Urea Trading India’s website, well to show just how silly this is, look up some Urea suppliers on Ali Baba

The number of Urea distributors on this list is just massive, and this is just in India! Now tell me how many of these companies on this list you think even have a website and if they do, how modern and slick do you think they are? 

Also if you type in Urea on Linkedin, you will find tons of people swapping email addresses looking for someone to buy Urea off of. Now you tell me URO wouldn’t be useful in these person-to-person deals where people trust one another to do business by email? 

I think so many people here are clueless how the non-Western world operates, people in developing countries, they don’t give a damn if you don’t have a Pinterest page, or a twitter site, or 100k friends on a Facebook page, or whatever other frivolous things that 1st worlders love that btctalk teenagers think one needs to prove you are a real company. Most of these companies do their daily business by telephone correspondence, their customers are usually loyal and do repeat business every growing season, trying to say a company is not real because they have no website or it is poorly constructed is pure BS.

In the world of commodity trading, GES is probably on a 1st tier level just to even have a web presence period. I think they are very forward thinking to recognize the future of crypto technology, just like African nations are embracing the mobile money and commerce future before the West, they have the luxury of using the latest technology to solve problems that the West is stuck behind due to decades of infrastructure that is difficult to replace overnight.


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