How to Prosper From a Real Long Term Currency


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July 10, 2014, 07:27:07 PM
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Q: explain to me, how can he have bought 12500 tons for 12500 Urocoin valued at $3.75million when the current value of the coins are $220k

Actually the value of Uro is floating like any other currency and also like the value of Urea itself. Today its is $20, but next week its more likely to be $200 – much closer to the current value of Urea.

A commodity trading company takes at least 5 years to establish and usually does not profit until years after that. the commodities industry is composed or rational, calm and determined leaders who plan projects 5, 10 and even 15 years ahead and have the funding to fuel this determination, as demonstrated by the single transaction $25 Million USD BCL posted some days ago.

In today’s deal for example: GES now hold 12,500 Uro that are unlikely to be worth any less than 120% or the 2014 value of 12,500 metric tonnes of Urea in 5 years time (adjusting only for ~4% effective inflation – real inflation is higher – as can be measured by aggregated real estate and gold price increase per annum).

Therefore, Uro represents a pioneering investment for GES into the firm’s future prosperity, and elevates GES’s reputation to a new level of unprecedented technological and idealogical leadership in both the finance and commodities sectors worldwide, likely multiplying yearly revenue significantly due to increased in sales from both new and existing clients.

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