The farmers need Uro to buy their Urea


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Today at 06:48:48 AM
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This is all very utopian and idealistic, but fundamentally in the real world in which we live right now, how are the producers going to get paid in order to even break even or profit from the sales of urea? It’s not like they can pay their utility bills with URO.

Basically I think it works like this. The farmers need Uro to buy their Urea. Before Urea ranged from 200-600 dollars a MT. They buy Uro from miners and trade it for goods. So in theory the price of Uro will go up leading up to July 9th when this is supposed to take effect. Then these companies sell back the Uro’s to other farmers/miners/investors and it just goes in circulation like that. Thats my simple explanation. So right now the people dumping at the current price in theory would be missing out. The way I see it is the price will steady climb the rest of this month up to a certain value maybe not the current price of Urea but to a certain value. Then once people see that this is or isnt a scam the price will shoot up to that value if its legit.(then the Urea producers sell and get their money) I dont see miners selling something for dirt cheap when it has a value to someone else thats alot higher. Of course this is speculation but as is all crypto is speculation. Bitcoin is valued at 660ish currently but tomorrow it could dive to 400 or climb up to 1000. However if this is legit and their is an actual commodity backing the coin then it will have an almost definitive value.


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