Value can be placed on Urea because it does have value for everybody


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Today at 12:16:11 PM
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This is all very utopian and idealistic, but fundamentally in the real world in which we live right now, how are the producers going to get paid in order to even break even or profit from the sales of urea? It’s not like they can pay their utility bills with URO.

Wow… why do people that do not have a clue about how commodity- and stockmarkets work, trade cryptocurrencies…

Ok I shall change my education and career for this. Crypto is a hobby and interest for me, nothing more. I’d be interested if rather than putting me down you could explain it, otherwise I will attempt to educate myself.

In my narrow, limited world view, I just don’t understand how you can place a value on something that noone else can use as a unit of value?

Value can be place on Urea because it does have value for everybody – its what is growing half the food on the planet.

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