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June 10, 2014, 06:45:50 PM
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a. To setup a Distributed Urea Exchange for the efficient international trade of the world’s most important fertilizer for food production: Urea ( [] )
b. To provide a medium of exchange stabilized via backing to the true and undeniable international value of Urea, the world’s most important fertilizer commodity that is responsible for 50%+ of total world food production.

Why do you need to do a copycoin to make an exchange ?
How do you backup the coin exactly ?

Q: Why do you need to do a cryptocurrency to make an exchange ?
A: The concept here is unique – the Uro network is a UREA exchange – not a BTC exchange. There was no way to achieve a decentralized Urea exchange as cleanly and as elegantly as Uro has done it. With Uro – you do not need a website to run the exchange – the Uro network itself trades Uro futures natively via the wallet. This means no downtime and no risk of fraud.

How do you exchange USD <-> URO ?

At the moment, you can purchase Bitcoins from your local country, then buy Uro on Bittrex and other upcoming exchanges.

In the future, you will be able to collect Uro (instead of Urea straight away) when buying Urea from participating wholesalers (Uro are effectively Urea futures). This way – farmers can easily mitigate the risk of Urea price volatility in the future by holding Uro when the going is good and exchanging it for Urea when they really need to.

Only a few nations officially use USD anyway – so even if we had a USD/URO exchange it would not be that useful for the parts of the world Uro will benefit the most (developing nations with a shortage of fertilizer).

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