the concept is actually really quite interesting



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June 07, 2014, 10:00:21 PM
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To all those people saying their wallet wont sync.  There is a simple explanation.  At the moment it is HOURS between blocks because the dev screwed up the diff retargets. 20 blocks an hour?? At the moment it is more like 20 blocks a week..  According to they solved their last block over 54 hours ago and only 9 blocks have been solved since then.

there are simply too few miners @ maybe some more should jump in to get this coin going again

I am one of the Catcoin devs, and I also happened to have paid something like $5,000 for urea this spring. Please join #catcoin-dev on irc and let’s discuss a concept that we’ve developed that may solve this problem by allowing multiple coins to ‘time share’ the same underlying hash rate.

And I agree with you completely that pools (unless they are p2pool) are a bad thing for anyone that actually wants to reliably trade Uro for Urea. And all of the pump-and-dump wankers who are going to scream about ‘it needs a pool’ are missing the point that the reason this coin is valuable is because it’s backed by a volatile (figuratively and literally) commodity.

I’ll be doing my own due-diligence in the next few weeks on whether the Uro foundation really has the required connections to the fertilizer industry they need. If not, we might be able to fix that, because the concept is actually really quite interesting. You can see other things I’ve written about fertilizer at×2020-AFN.pdf


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