Uro permits Urea hedging and Urea trading without centralized intermediary


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June 02, 2014, 05:42:51 PM
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raskul: Please present evidence that I am lying, or otherwise stop you defamation. Everything I have written on this forum is true.

Maybe what u said is true. But it doesnt work on crypto. I guess u dont understand how crypto works.

You don’t understand how a free market works. Stop thinking in narrow, crypto-specific terms and you will better understand what is happening.

Maybe i dont understand how free market works but i certainly understand how crypto currencies work more than u do. U are using crypto. If u want free market , go back to trading face to face with 1 MT Urea. Why create URO crypto currencies when u dont even understand how it works ?

Uro allows Urea to be hedged and traded efficiently without a centralized intermediary – can you think of a better solution?

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