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Uro: Backed by Millions of Tons of Urea Fertilizer

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June 02, 2014, 05:20:49 PM
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so who is going to back URO price for 1 MT Urea price ? i don’t think anyone is capable of doing that in crypto. Look at the buy order at exchange. Its no where near the value of 1 MT Urea.

The NIERs will by signing an ratifying the Uro Protocol which binds members to a clear set of procedures for exchanging Uro for Urea. Currently, we have the following companies on board. More are joining in the coming months.

  • Green Earth Systems Limited: Global NIER
  • Urea Trading India Limited: India NIER
  • Crown Team Corporation Limited: China NIER
  • CCL Pillay Group: South Africa NIER

U didnt answer the question. Who is going to back the price ? Who is going to set 1000 BTC buy order at exchange to back the price ? The person or group need to set at least 1000 BTC buy order to back URO price for 1 MT Urea and they have to top up the amount frequently to feed miner. And i dont see anything close happen to any crypto currency because it’s not feasible to back a  crypto currency with anything.

Uro is being backed against Urea, not BTC. Please read the announcement carefully without an empty cup and you will understand.

u don’t understand how crypto works and u dont understand my question.

URO is back by Urea. The price of 1 MT Urea is currently between $300 and $600. BUT i can buy 1 URO at exchange for 0.50 USD right now and possibly in the future. Who is going to back the price of URO at the exchange ?

We are not concerned with the BTC exchange. We are building a Urea exchange. Market forces will naturally affect the value of Uro on the open market exchanges – because naturally, if some one wants to buy Urea and the cheapest way is to buy Uro with BTC then by Urea with Uro – then thats is what they will do – until the price of Uro appreciates to equilibrium value.

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