Plenty of Urea to go around for Uro…


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Uro: Backed by Millions of Tons of Urea Fertilizer

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June 02, 2014, 06:31:50 PM
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raskul: Please present evidence that I am lying, or otherwise stop you defamation. Everything I have written on this forum is true.

Please present evidence that you’re not.

majeis: I can arrange for calls/emails/official correspondence letters from the heads of these companies – what would you like?

All of the above.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the hilarious reality of all these companies going entirely bankrupt at the hands of a few cryptominers if you actually are doing this.

Its been done and nobody is going bankrupt. 1 million metric tons is less then 3% of the yearly sales in Urea these companies do. India alone imports over 2 billion tons of Urea per year and Green Earth Systems is one of the official suppliers to the Indian government via IPL (India itself produces several billion tonnes of Urea each year). Why do you think they invest over 1.6 Billion USD in just one Urea factory. This is a massive industry responsible for 50% of world food production.

There is a reason why Uro is starting with 1 million units – precisely to limit potential losses in the short term – the members of the Uro Foundation are perfectly able to handle this kind of (for them) drop in the ocean quantity of Urea.

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