Free market forces will determine value of Urea/Uro



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June 02, 2014, 06:26:41 PM
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I don’t understand, you want to create a digital asset for the exchange of this urine, i mean, urea. Why are you allowing any nerd with a computer to farm it? shouldn’t this asset be given to those that already have urea?

I think I’m missing something key here.

If someone mines for 3 minutes and happens to find a block… they now own the equivelant of 12 metric tonnes of urea?

are you effin kidding me?

Can you explain your reasoning behind this distribution? why isn’t the block reward like .000001 metric tonnes?
and if these are to be used by the urea industry to trade urea, why are these being given out to cryptocurrency miners?

How do urea holders/traders benefit from this system? Won’t they first have to BUY the URO from crypto miners just so they can trade in urea?

I understand the need for a distributed urea market. But why are you just giving these coins away if they are to be backed by a metric ton of this shit?

essentially, by linking Uro to Urea, all that is being done is that Urea is being devalued, because of the reasons you point out.

But Urea has real value as a fertilizer – you are forgetting this crucial point.

But by linking Urea to URO (which by being on an exchange dictates its current value) in some kind of official capacity, you’re devaluing Urea – you are forgetting this crucial point.

Well you cant exchange uro for urea yet. If he proves all he says he has done and this all goes thru do you honestly think those prices will stay where they are at? Honestly? If the day comes where a farmer is willing to pay 200 a Uro so he can buy Urea the price on a crypto exchange will be where its at now?


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